Sunday, August 29, 2010


after years of hoping and begging to my mom, finally she let me get a DSLR camera!! i'm so happy! i've been wanting one for a while and i've always wanted to learn more about food photography. i really adore other bloggers who are able to capture their beauty of food in a breathtaking way. so simple yet so sophisticated.

after hours of browsing and research on the Net, i finally settle on Canon 500D. i considered 550D too, but i can't imagine what a pain it's gonna be waiting for an 18 megapixel picture to upload. yuck. so yeah, 500D it is. take a look at my baby!

i used to think that DSLR camera is bulky and heavy, but my baby is really light! though i still think it's not that easy to use. for sure not as easy as point-and-shoot-camera, (duh) but i'm learning, i'm learning!  after stucking my nose on the manual for what it seems like days and racking my brain out,I finally figured out what shutter is, aparture, exposure, iso and stuff. in theory. i still need a lot ( and when i say a lot i mean a loooooottt) of practice.

here are my first food picture taken with Canon 500D. hope you like them! it's mini cupcake, my friend's favorite and my mom's! 

Mini vanilla cupcake with fluffy Cream Cheese

mini Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream
mom's fave! mini vanilla cupcake with tidbits of cheese and chocolate
for more of my roller-coster journey of food photography do check my flickr account! (on the right side of this blog) comments and suggestions are much appreciated! i still need to learn and practice so much :)

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