Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Golf Course Cupcakes for my Dad :) 
Happy Birthday!
May your years ahead sparkle with joy and merry


Beware of....

Weird Robotic Alienated SPIDERS!!!!


they don't look like spiders, do they? oh well, at least i hope they are weird enough for halloween treats! we don't celebrate halloween here, but its the perfect excuse for horrible-looking baked goods! ;)
nevertheless, i'm SOO HAPPY I nailed this! it's actually Bakerella's Famous Cake Pop, and i stick Scoox Sour Candy to make it look like spiders and sprinkles for the eyes and the mouth. i finally got her cookbook last month, and i'm thrilled. it is so full with great ideas and detailed explanations.
Love,Love it! i'm planning to make micky mouse and cupcake pop soon. wish me luck!

and oh, Happy Halloween!!