Saturday, January 23, 2010


I just watched the Julie/Julia movie starred by the legendary actress, Meryl Streep as Julia child and Amy Adams as Julie powell. It is about two different woman living a different life in totally different city, different time and have only one thing in common: their passion for food. And I have to add, a superiorly ( is that even a word? ;p ) affectionate husband.

Geez, if u like to cook and have watched this movie, u’ll understand why I’d die to married those kind of guy in the future.

the story goes back and forth from Julia child life in around 19-something to Julie Powell life in 2002. Julia child struggled to get her cook books published and Julie Powell tried to find some meaning in her life by cooking her way through Julia’s cookbook and blog about it.

It’s very entertaining and inspiring. Gue rasanya ikut tersiram semangat Julia memasak dan Julie menulis. Every journey starts with a single step. It might not be a very perfect step, we might stumble or fall, but at least we took that damn step, because the first step is always the hardest step.


Di film ini banyak sekali food quotes yang keren, and I’ll post it someday, promise! Tapi akan lebih mantap kalo kalian nonton sendiri laaaah :)

Ps : Julie Powel sendiri menulis buku tentang proyek cooking her way up through julia’s cookbook ini berjudul Julie & Julia : my years of cooking dangerously and for those of you who have never ever ever heard of Julia Child ( just like I do before I watched this movie) monggo dicheck ke Wikipedia di


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