Friday, January 22, 2010

Chicken Fajitas

The dish itself it's quite exquisite. i first cooked it when i enrolled to culinary school 2 years ago. ( or maybe more? ahaha)
originally comes from mexico, chicken fajitas combined the warm heat of paprika, sweet chicken dusted with cinnamon and served with 2 dipping sauce, guacamole and salsa, ganished with sour cream. the earthy flavour of avocado and the tangy from the salsa enrich chicken fajitas. look at that! what a colourful dish :)

i stupidly added too much cinnamon when i stirfried the chicken. hiks. FYI, cinnamon doesn't gives you the sweet flavour. cinnamon smells amazing, but too much of it will leave bitter aftertaste on the end of your tounge.

a lesson i guess, a reminder for me to spend more time cooking and learning :D

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