Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's day!

 know maybe it's a litte bit late, but
Happy Valentine's Day!

or maybe for some, shitty fcuklentine day. well for me, it's fall for chocolate day. remember what they say?

i whipped up some really good (and easy!) chocolate layer cake for valentine's day. well maybe it's not really a cake, maybe you can call it pudding. or parfait. or whatever. u named it. one thing it's true though, it's yum.

you're gonna need :

200 ml ganache ( store-bought chocolate pudding will do too)
fruits you like. ( i used oranges and strawberries)

i used betty's instant fudge brownies because
1. i'm too lazy to whipped up my own brownies,
2. betty's taste sooo damn good.

i whipped up my ganache with ratio of 1 : 1. so 1 part of chocolate with 1 part of cream. this time, i used 200 gr of chocolate and 200 ml of cream.
chop the chocolate to pieces, and melt then on double boiler. let it cooled for a few minutes then incorporated the cream.

sometimes i like to put my ganache in the refrigerator until it reached the desireable consistensy

i added some chunk of white chocolate because i was running out of my dark chocolates. teehee. don't worry, it won't change the flavour, these dark babies are waay too strong.

bake the brownies according to the box's direction ( your favorite recipe or store-bought brownies will do too) and cut them to squares

cut your fruits, i cut my stawberries to squares and add some sugar in it

then, the fun part. assembling!

put the fruit first,

dipp some chocolate

add the brownies

then more chocolate


and more chocolate! ( oh I loveee them!)

sprinkle some grated white chocolate, tied it with a ribbon, and there you go
full of love valentine's gift.


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