Thursday, June 4, 2009

Price List

Sesuai janji, inilah price list dari cupcakes kami, P&A Cupcakes

Taken from my cupcake partner miss putri matahari's note : ( baca : males nulis ulang :P)

Hey all,

Not only is this my first note but a debut for a list of flavors from P&A cupcakes !

As some may already know, Deandra Ayu and I started selling cupcakes at school about a year ago. But due to our hectic senior schedules we had to postpone our small business of baking our sweet sensations.

Now exams are all put in the past and we're ready to bring out our baking utensils to satisfy all of you whose been craving for a sweet tooth.

After updating our price range and lurking around stores to check on ingredients Deandra and I have finally made a list of cupcake flavors, frostings and additional bits along with it's price. Unfortunately prices of ingredients increased so we had to raise the prices of our treats (Sorry guys).

Anyway, Here goes the list....

-Vanilla Cupcake: Rp. 5800
-Chocolate Cupcake: Rp.7200

*Banana flavor is still on the work

Frostings and Toppings:

- Chocolate Ganache: Rp.3000
- Vanilla Buttercream frosting: Rp.4200
- Creamcheese topping: Rp.4000

Fondant writings additional Rp. 10.000

So how does this work you may ask ?

Andra and I purposely distinguished the prices of cakes and toppings so that you may mix and match the flavors anyway you like. We wanted to give customers the chance to have a personal experience with their treats!
So, all you have to do is select a cupcake and a topping of your desire than you add up the price(or we can do this part for you)!

We accept minimal 12 pieces of the same flavor.

Some popular fusions are: vanilla cupcake and creamcheese topping, the signature special vanilla cupcake and chocolate ganache and the classic vanilla cupcake and buttercream frosting.

If what you're craving isn't listed above don't hesitate to make a request, my friend and I will be happy to work through your request :)

Oh and one last thing, we welcome and appreciate feedback!

Bunches of thanks,

Putri Matahari & Deandra Ayu

PS. contact us at

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