Friday, October 8, 2010

Goody Reads

You guys might know this already : I'm a geek. As I stated before in last posts, I  love books like pigs love shit. I love the smell of books store, the texture of paperback books on my hand, the cute beautiful covers, the sound of flipped pages. I love being on the bookstores. I can spend ages in them, window shopping, admiring books covers and peeking at books summary. You give me million dollars and I would be the happiest girl in the world to spend them all on books.

Sometimes my mother growls at me and said " why don't you shop for shoes and clothes instead of books all the time?" Oops. Sorry mom. 

Well, when i visit Becoming Lola, i was totally drown to her book club, The Breakfast Club and join Goodreads in a heartbeat.

I've always wanted to have my own huge library and Goodreads is the online version of my dreams. I stack books, the one I read, i wish to read, I'm currently reading, I hate. I review them, give them some stars, and join bookclubs, discuss books and make some new friends!

and when i say books, cookbooks included. I stack my cookbooks collections, I have already give them stars and I'm currently writing reviews for each one of them. You can see my cookbooks collection on the right side of this web, or below :

Ardna's Cookbook ;)

Can You Keep a Secret?Ptolemy's GateThe Golem's EyeThe Amulet of SamarkandThe Chronicles of NarniaChasing Harry Winston

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I'm DYING to buy the next edition of Hello, Cupcake! , the What's New, Cupcake?. So what do you think? are you a geek too? what's your next-must have cookbook, the one you've been sooo excited to buy?


Indie.Tea said...

I love books too. I really want Grace Young's "Stir-frying to the Sky's Edge". I enjoy making stir-fries, but I always invent my own recipes, it would be nice to try something perhaps more authentic and a bit different from my usual...

Ardna said...

Oh Wow it's so cool that you invent your own recipe, Indie.Tea! btw i loveee ur blog! it's beautiful! :) :)