Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Girl

Well, it turned out I didn't have to bake myself a cake for my birthday after all. I didn't know when i blurted out that I want to spend my birthday at Universal Studios Singapore ( really, I meant that as a joke!) that my mom would take that seriously! wow!

and so last weekend my family had a weekend getaway to Singapore. I am a proud Indonesian, but truthfully, I left half of my heart in Singapore. I spent my childhood back and forth to Singapore because of routine check my grandpa need to have at hospital there. it's a wonderful country with fresh air, great food and they have like, the biggest Kinokuniya ever. ha.

I spent that saturday ( my bday) going to East Coast Park and stumbled into people wakeboarding. It looked so fun and hard at the same time. noted to myself that i'm gonna learn that next year.

then we ate singapore world famous dish, the chilly crab. it's basicly big huge srilankan crab stir fry with lots of chilly, eggs, and hot sauce. It's the kinda food that burned your tounge but sweet at the same time, which you dreadfully cannot not have more.

then we went to the universal studio, like my mom promised me, and I shop like crazy! we visited universal studio befoe so we kinda knew all the ride there and girls will always be girls, somehow those rides did not look so interesting anymore. I bought countless of chocolate and candies, also mugs! i fell in love with the puss in boots and gingerbread cookies mugs :)

Well, I had a fun birthday and one heck of a weekend (and a very very heavy luggage). holiday's over, going to post some baking stuff soon :)


Sugar Crawler said...

its been years since my last visit to singapore :( *sad sad sad*

Deeba PAB said...

How lucky you are...what a wonderful birthday! Have heard loads about the crabs in SIN. YUMM!

Ardna said...

@ Sugar crawler : aww that's too bad, but it's one of the country worth visit on the holidays :D so refreshing!

@Deeba PB Thank you! i knowwww, they are superb!! (the crabs) :) :)

Paris Pastry said...

Happy belated Birthday! Maybe I should blurt out vacation destinations ;)

Ardna said...

@paris pastry thank you :D