Monday, September 13, 2010

Ied ul-Fitr!

Hi guys, first of all i just want to say happy Ied ul-Fitr, Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin :)
I did bake some sweet stuff this week, but i guess I want to put this special day on highlight.

At this day we who celebrate Ied ul Fitr all gather with our families and asked for each of forgiveness for our mistakes in this year. and eat. obviously. every Ied ul Fitr I eat a lot. like, a lot. I just keep on eating and talking to my family.

I'm telling you there were a lot of great food there! it's full of coconut gravy and sambal, all things that make you love indonesian food. my Uncle were like, " Why do you take pics of the food and not us?" Oopps. Sorry Unca!

first thing i ate was Somay. it's lot like chinese shu mai, but we eat it with our special peanut sauce.
it's so good i ate 3 bowl of them. blurp.

Next is the super-ied-ul-Fitr food, the most famous of all, Ketupat!!
ketupat is actually steam rice shaped into the shape of diamond. (wajik, tupat) indonesian reader, please correct me if i make a mistake explaning our glorious food.
Ketupat are best eaten fesh and it's best companion is Opor Ayam.

oh, glory. oh lord. i cannot feel my hips. realy. i think it's gone. opor ayam is chicken (ayam = chicken) bathed in coconut gravy. all the best indonesian foods somehow have sambals and coconut gravy in them ;)
this is gulai ayam, my mom made this. i'm so proouudd! my mom rarely cook, or well, maybe the right term is never cook. so when she does, i'm just proud. Gulai ayam is our version of Curry.

This is sambal goreng ati. oh i don't know how to explain it in english. let's just say it's veeery good.

I... forgot what this dish called. oh, sorry! oh wait. it's pumpkin curry. wait... what?

this one is Semur. semur is chicken, tofu, and potato bathed in sweet soy sauce broth. it's well known as javanese traditional dish. 

This is Duck in green chili sauce. OH MY, the HEAT. my lips, throat and tounge wee basicly burning. i had to chuck 3 glass of cold water to calm myself down. but sooo worth it! 

this is the rice. if you don't feel like eating ketupat, you can always eat rice, my aunt wrapped them in banana leaves to make it pretty. 

oh i'm so full! aren't you?

 Hope you enjoy the pictures! 
love, Ardna and Ardna's Grandpa


Indonesia Eats said...
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Indonesia Eats said...

I'm telling you, I miss ketupat. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any janur for sale. So, I made lontong for the Eid. At least, I can get banana leaves LOL.

Isn't that sambal goreng/gulai labu siam, chayote in spiced coconut.

My Javanese side would serve the ketupat with cap gomeh stuffs such as opor, egg bumbu petis, koyah kedelai, sambal goreng hati, koyah kelapa (serundeng). This year, I made lontong sayur padang.

Btw, Happy Eid ul Fitr!

Ardna said...

Yes, it is gulai labu siam. chayote in spiced coconut! thank u! gonna edit the post immediately.

ooh, I bet ketupat with serundeng taste awesome, we never had one in Eid ul Fitr, great insight for next year!

Happy Eid Ul Fitr 2 u 2 :)